I’m not sure if this was done on purpose or not, but I really, really loved this because in a way these scenes in the first and last episodes represent what happened in Aoi’s childhood with the Kind Ayakashi.

This is the reason why I think it was beautiful that the anime “began” with Oodanna and “ended” with Ginji:


As the Kind Ayakashi, Oodanna was the first one to help young Aoi. While Oodanna did not see Aoi the rest of the days, he continued helping her by preparing the food she was to eat.

In the first episode, Oodanna is the first one to meet with Aoi as an adult. Throughout the anime, Oodanna doesn’t appear much, but he is always helping Aoi behind the scenes.


As the Kind Ayakashi, while Ginji wasn’t the first one to visit Aoi, he was the one who continued to visit her until the last day. He was the one who continued providing support to her because he was the one that spent the most time with her.

In the last episode, Ginji is the one who saves Aoi. Throughout the anime, Ginji always continues to provide support to Aoi and is also the one who spends the most time with her.

Well there you have it, this is how I interpreted these scenes. ❤ I mean, not that I wouldn’t mind some fanservice towards GinAoi fans if that’s what the anime team was aiming for. 😉

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