Biidoro Shinjuu Vol.3


Title: びいどろ心中 ~三夜の夢 仰木千久佐の場合~

Release Date: 2018.11.30

CV: Izumi Kikunosuke

Label: HOBiGIRLS neige

Type: R18 Drama CD


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During the rainy season, the heroine works for the Ougi household. The second son, Chigusa, spends his days as the head of the family in place of the sickly eldest son, but it seems those are difficult days for him. Yet the heroine knows about his awkward and kind side…

A dream within a dream, a sorrowful story-


The second son of the Ougi household. His older brother was supposed to be the head of the family, but because of his poor health, he was raised to be the head of the family instead. He feels like he is his older brother’s replacement, he takes things upon himself and bottles up his emotions.

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