Onsenyado ni Futarikiri. Itte mo Tomete Kurenai Noumitsu Iinari Sex -Seiya Nitta-

Alone with Him at a Hot Spring Inn: Passionate Obedient Sex Beyond Orgasms: Seiya Nitta (Click on image to go to DLsite product page or click add to cart below)

Alone with Him at a Hot Spring Inn: Passionate Obedient Sex Beyond Orgasms: Seiya Nitta (CV. Tenhou Itsuka)

Circle: Girl’s Maniax Original(Otome)・Type: R18 Doujin CD

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Tired of living fast in a big city, you made up a mind and found a job at a hot spring inn as a nakai (service staff).

One day, while you wait for customers at the inn’s front desk, a flashy guy shows up.

He says he has reserved a suite with one of his customers but
she canceled on him last minute so he comes to the inn alone.

You are somewhat frightened by his flashy appearance and rough way of talking
because you will be at his room and you might be asked too much by him.

As opposed to his looks, he talks to you rather in a friendly attitude.
When you feel relieved and find no obstacles in performing your job,
however, you spill tea on his smartphone.

While you are panicking, he sighs purposefully and whispers:

“Well, if your higher-ups hear that you’ve spilled tea on the suite customer’s phone, won’t you get fired?”

“In order to compensate for breaking an important tool of my livelihood, tonight you’re gonna do as I say.”

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