Daijobu, Zenbu Daisuki♡


» Title: ​​大丈夫、ぜんぶ大好き♡
» CV: Yaibaryuu
» Release Date: 2019.12.21
» Label: Chouchou
» Type: R18 Drama CD

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You had a bad day at work, and you’re feeling down when you go back home where you’re welcomed by your husband, Taichi Kotori, who’s a bit younger than you and is an adult manga artist. He notices that you’re feeling down and hugs you at the front door. You eat dinner made by Taichi, you have him listen to you while you’re in the bath, and little by little you start feeling better.

“Do you want me to be extra gentle or rough today?”

“Don’t worry, I love it all.” 

Taichi is gentle, rough, and a bit of a pervert, and today, he will fill the clumsy and negative you with a lot of affection……The everyday lovey-dovey story of a newly-wed couple living in the city’s end as they snuggle with each other.

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:
Did I mention that he calls you “Cha-chan♡” So cute! Don’t let his looks fool you, he is a 26 year old man lolol


※Enjoy my content? ❤ Please consider supporting me by donating and/or shopping using my affiliate links~ It’s greatly appreciated! 😘

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