Warui Otouto ni wa Oshioki desu


» Title: ​​悪い弟にはオシオキです
» CV: Masato Sakurai
» Release Date: 2018.11.30
» Label: Chouchou
» Type: R18 Drama CD


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–Nee-chan, is this fun……?

……could it be that you’re a sadist? 

A few days earlier, your favorite underwear went missing. When you’re in your room, you feel like someone is watching. Lately, your step-brother, Akiomi, has been acting weird. You begin investigating and keep an eye on Akiomi who is the main suspect of being the underwear thief due to his suspicious behavior. You decide to go inside Akiomi’s room at once to search for your missing underwear, and you find what you were looking for. You use that as evidence and show him……

“You’re wrong, I didn’t steal Nee-chan’s underwear”

“Mom must have put them in my drawer by accident?”

He tries to play dumb and gives you an excuse that’s a little hard to believe.You tell him that if he admits that he “stold the underwear” and apologizes, you will forgive him. However, he keeps denying it and the outcome is different. You have no choice but to drive Akiomi into a corner both mentally and physically until he admits the truth. At that moment you realized that you weren’t just feeling angry but also slightly excited……

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

This work is slightly different than the ones I usually go for. lolol It’s very rare for me to give in to my S side, or so I like to say😂…and this, this is one scenario that intrigues my S side lolol I’m weak for Masato Sakurai ♡ playing younger guys…and you’re telling me I get to punish him? count me in! Also, my thirsty ass has been waiting for more of his works, his voice is one of my faves. 🤤

※Enjoy my content? ❤ Please consider supporting me by donating and/or shopping using my affiliate links~ It’s greatly appreciated! 😘

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