«Synopsis» Kyokugen Joutai -engagement-


Title: 極限情態 -engagement-

Release Date: 2018.12.26

CV: Shinsenryoku

Label: iris quartz

Type: R18 Drama CD


I don’t have any regrets. Even if it was only for one night, I was able to hold you–

In 1917 England during the World War I–You, the eldest daughter of a noble family, first met your fiance, Lawrence, at a dinner party. You were worried about the marriage that was decided by the two families, but Lawrence’s gentle personality left a good impression on you. However, some time after, Lawrence volunteered in the war and was put in the front lines. You volunteered as well, and as a nurse you were reunited with Lawrence, who was injured in the battlefield, and Lawrence’s close friend, Archbald. However, Lawrence and you never imagined that next day you would be under attack and suffer a great loss.

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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

Can I just say how handsome Lawrence is!!! 😍 but wow, this sounds like some really sad shit….is he gonna die?! I came here for the porn…I mean for the plot, not for the feels!!! I’m not ready for this. lolol

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