R18 Drama CD | Le Theatre Act 1 Yusei Setoguchi

Title: Le Theatre 第1幕 瀬戸口侑生

Release Date: 2018.10.31

CV: Santa Hiiragi

Label: Hanakagami

Type: R18 Drama CD


I wonder how it feels like to be crazy about someone…

You often go to Ragnarok Theater because you like their plays. One day, Yusei Setoguchi, the top actor at the theater, comes as a guest to the cafe where you work at. You talk with each other whenever he comes by the store and you eventually become friends with Yusei. All of the sudden he tells you,

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

You reply OK to the confession from the actor you admire, but there seems to be a reason as to why Yusei asked you out……Before long, the truth is presented right before your eyes. And your decision will be—.


You can read more about this cd series in my Le Theatre Page

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