R18 Drama CD | Le Theatre Act 2 Kyotaro Honjo

Title: Le Theatre 第2幕 本条恭太郎

Release Date: 2019.01.30

Noboru Tetrapod


R18 Drama CD



Perhaps you’re unaware of your own charm that’s sleeping inside of you. I want to make it bloom.

You’re a new actress and you were chosen as the leading actress in Ragnarok Theatre’s next performance “Majou no Onna”. Even in your situation, Kyotaro Honjo, the screenwriter/director, has great expectations of you. In order to meet his expectations, you ask Kyotaro for his personal advice. While receiving his advice, the two of you get closer with each other. And eventually, “Majou no Onna” comes to an end—.


You can read more about this cd series in my Le Theatre Page

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

If you ask me, my reason for translating this was because of his ABS, so yummy.🤤 His looks are 💯 my type. I have an eye for my cool men 😘 lolol


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