[Translation] Jakou no Lyla Gallery 03

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Rolan: fufu……So cute……

Rolan: Hey, show me all of your different expressions…… I will make you feel good until I’m satisfied.

Rolan: Don’t think about anything. Entrust everything to me……

I was captivated by his alluring gaze, gentle tongue and fingers.

Shirien: (but……)

I thought to myself that I shouldn’t allow him to continue because he was doing this unconsciously.

Up until now, I had seen the eyes of many men. That of men who wanted to embrace me, men who wanted to make me feel good. Men who wanted to satisfy their desire to pin me down and conquer me……

But Sir Rolan did not possess any of those. His vision was blurred, as if he wasn’t thinking of anything. But deep inside there was sadness and terror boiling.

He didn’t know how to let his emotions out. Because he couldn’t cry, he would be satisfied with my body.

It was very contradictory, but this was a natural response for him. So I pushed his shoulder back with all of my strength.

Shirien: Sir Rolan. Please stop……

Rolan: Huh……? Why……? You want me to stop, you don’t like this?

Rolan: Well……What should I do then? I……What, should I……?

He made that kind of expression for the first time and tears started falling. The tears were pouring out, Sir Rolan was sobbing.

Rolan: *sobs* No…don’t hate me…I don’t want you to hate me……

Rolan: I will make you feel good……I will try my best……so don’t leave me alone……

Rolan continued to cry with trembling shoulders. With a voice filled with loneliness. All of the sudden, I remembered a conversation I had with him.

Liesel’s Sinful Corner

All I could think of when Rolan told Shirien not to think about anything was Kirill from Double Decker saying “Don’t think, feel so good!”😂 So the thing about Rolan’s behavior is that his country is (or WAS because guess who destroyed it? Vince’s country lol) ruled by women. Men were basically isolated and kept/raised within the castle walls, they were like birds in a cage. Rolan had a very sheltered life so he’s really shy and naive, and he just has this wrong idea of how he should deal with women properly. Poor baby.

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