[Translation] Jakou no Lyla Gallery 04

※Please do not repost, retranslate, or use my translations without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate!

Shirien: Sir Rolan….you can’t. Stop……

Rolan: Stop? Why?

Shirien: Because this kind of thing is not normal—

Rolan: Whether what we do is normal or not is not for you to decide isn’t? *kiss*

Shirien: *gasp*……!

He kissed the back of my neck, and I arched my back unconsciously. However, Sir Rolan hugged me from behind, His Highness Vince had his hands wrapped around my back, and I was trapped.

Vince: Hey……You’re in my way. Move now.

Rolan: Fufu, Your Highness Vince. If you hate it, why don’t we have a contest……? Which one of us can give her the most love, so……

Rolan: Let’s leave it up to her to decide who the winner is……

Rolan: But if she chooses for the three of us to be together then the both of us will give her lots of love. ……how does that sound?

Vince: ……Very well. I have no intention of losing.

His Highness Vince stole my lips aggressively once again. Even though that alone felt really good, Rolan kissed my hair and neck from behind.

Shirien: …No…Sir Rolan……

Vince: Stop calling out his name!

Shirien: *mmph*……!

He kissed me intensely so that I would stop talking, I couldn’t breathe, and I started feeling dizzy.

Shirien: (What should I do, this is—)

Liesel’s Sinful Corner

I love this scene & CG so much tbh! I’m so jelly of Shirien tbh, she gets to be in between Vince & Rolan. Still sad this isn’t R18 lol This is the last translation post for the Christmas releases and for Jakou no Lyla Vol. 1, hopefully you enjoyed them. I will be translating the ones for Vol. 2 & 3 closer to their release dates…maybe earlier. 😉

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