R18 Drama CD Split No.02 – Feb 2019

Hello! I’m hosting a split for February 2019 R18 Drama CDs releases! ☆

Additional details can be found in the registration form. Please let me know if there are any errors.

Shares are appreciated too! ❤  #lieselGOs

  • Registration Form: bit.ly/35rRZvl
  • Paypal, Ko-Fi, Venmo & Google Pay 🆗
  • Stellaworth (unless stated otherwise)
Total CDS
  • February Releases: 05

February Releases

  1. Akuma no Immoral (CV. Kakeru Yunomachi)
  2. Bloody Endings: Aka no Karyudo Hen (CV. Akira Miraku)
  3. Bloody Endings Cinderella Hen (CV. Kuki Masaru)
  4. Kyokugen Joutai -engagement- (CV. Ryoku Shinsen)
  5. Masquerade Vol. 1 (CV. Mikado Sumeragi)

※Split updates & status can be found in the Masterlist’s Ongoing Page
※Please check the FAQ for any questions. Feel free to contact me if you still have any other questions or concerns.