Bloody Endings: Cinderella Hen

Bloody Endings シンデレラ編

Title: Bloody Endings シンデレラ編

Release Date: 2019.02.22

CV: Kuki Masaru

Label: Hituzigumo

Type: R18 Drama CD


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He was to marry a woman who was submissive, foolish, and beautiful, have many children, and be the ruler of his country. That was his fate as the King’s son.

But, would he really find a suitable wife in the ball that was held every evening at the castle belonging to the “former enemy country”? He should have understood the sin that he was carrying very well.

He was tied to the princess by the hatred and anger he felt towards her. Could his corrupted heart be burning with flames other than pleasure? The answer was right before his eyes――.


Prince Charming

Height:180 cm
Catchphrase: I will go to any lengths if it means tormenting you.
Likes: Jewels
Hates: God
Preference for: Tormenting you

As the first prince, he’s lead an easy life full of comfort. Normally, a respectable and quiet young man. He is searching for a wife at the ball.

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