Choukyou Shitsuji: Kannou Therapy Cast

Title: 調教執事 官能セラピーキャスト

Label: GOLD

Type: R18 Drama CD

Release Date(s):

  • 2019.04.24 Vol. 1 Ibuki Mizusawa (CV. Manaka Sawa)
  • 2019.05.22 Vol. 2 Chiharu Kai (CV. Kumaniku Fuyuno)
  • 2019.07.24 Vol. 3 Fumiya Nakajou (CV. Noboru Tetrapod)


Mistress, the time to condition you has arrived. –Are you ready?

An arrogant butler who’s just like a master. He will give you a sensual conditioning service.

“A Conditioning Butler”

It’s basically a butler and mistress role-play, however, with the exception of something you can’t handle, anything from soft SM to maniac play is possible.

You’ll be given an experience filled with pleasure for a limited time, by the time it’s over he would have even conquered your heart too.

This is a story where you can experience sensual time with a “Conditioning Butler”


>Ibuki Mizusawa: Vol. 1 (CV. Manaka Sawa)

“Mistress, you’re not allowed to refuse.”

A sensual conditioning therapist and a hotel worker, a sweet yet mean S with a possessive nature.

>Chiharu Kai: Vol. 2 (Kumaniku Fuyuno)

“You’re in no position to give me orders. I give the orders here, Mistress.”

A sensual conditioning therapist and a hotel worker, calm yet a sadist at heart.

>Fumiya Nakajou: Vol. 3 (CV. Noboru Tetrapod)

“Mistress. This is not a ‘request’. It’s an ‘order’.”

A sensual conditioning therapist and a hotel worker, a younger and cheeky do-S with a strong desire to dominate you.

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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

Oh my, oh my. This sounds like a good kind of service to me. 😏 I’ll definitely be adding all 3 to the group orders in their respective release date month.!

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