Otona no Meruhen Series: Bara to Yajuu ~Toge no Kokoro wo Motsu Kare~

Title: 大人のメルヘンシリーズ 薔薇と野獣~棘の心を持つ彼~

Release Date: 2019.02.20

CV: Santa Hiiragi

Label: Rabbit Candy

Type: R18 Drama CD


You went to jail in place of your father and refused to say or eat anything.

The quick-tempered landlord tried to force you to eat, but you refused.

However, contrary to your feelings, your body reached its limit and you collapsed.

You woke up in a warm bed……while you were in the middle of regaining consciousness, a beast caught your attention.

“It’s soup. You can drink this much, right?” 

This is your love story with a man with a heart full of thorns.

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