Tentai no Ongaku -Spharenklange- Aldebaran


Title: 天体の音楽 -Sphärenklänge- Aldebaran

Release Date: 2019.03.27

CV: Masato Kawamura

Label: iris quartz

Type: R18 Drama CD


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During your girls’ night out, you toast with wine, but you’re unable to drink it because you can’t stop thinking about Hokuto. 

It had been two years since you moved to Tokyo in search of work. Even though you were already used to your job, you were starting to feel exhausted and burned out. 

“Should I continue like this?” 

Around that time, a friend from your hometown contacted you to let you know that a famous chef had opened a French restaurant. The conversation had lead to reminiscing about the past, and you decided to take some time off work to have a girl’s night out. Normally, you would have hesitated to take days off for matters besides special family occasions, but you decided to do it anyways. 

After getting off at the station, you went to a store looking for some souvenirs since you still had time before your meeting time. There, you unexpectedly meet Hokuto, your ex-boyfriend who you broke up with because your relationship faded away when you moved to Tokyo. The way he spoke to you hadn’t changed from the time that you were dating, and a sense of doubt starts to grow inside you.

“Why did I break up with him?”

Hokuto currently lives in a mountain hut used as an astronomical observatory. That piques your curiosity, and he invites you to come visit after your girl’s night out. You had never seen such a cozy room with a splendid telescope and a sunken fireplace. You listen to Hokuto’s voice as he explains about the stars and their legends. And you continue to have your doubts. After being unable to resist asking about it and seeing you become flustered, Hokuto realized something. Before long, you fill the blank from the past two years and Hokuto unexpectedly pushes you down.

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