Kaitou Shitsuji Panthere Verte Vol. 1

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As far as you can remember, you’ve lived in a boarding house in Switzerland. When you became of age, a threatening letter addressed to you was sent to your parent’s home, and your father, a high ranking official from the National Police Agency, ​urged you to come back home.

You were greeted by Wataru Touno, a butler sent from Japan’s Steward Society.

He tells you that he’s both a butler and bodyguard who performs everything from personal care to security. You are bewildered by everything that’s happening, between the unfamiliar Japanese life and your father’s worry, you begin to slowly fall for Wataru, who is devoted to protecting you. However, there’s a mysterious shadow after you…


Is he a butler that will protect you? Or a phantom thief? He vanishes just as quickly as he appears, just like the phantom of Panthere Verte. The treasure he wishes for the most is……you.

Panthere Verte is

A group of phantom thieves that have shaken the world, mainly Europe for about 5 years. It means “Green Leopard” in French. They steal questionable works of art, but they won’t kill in order to obtain them. Furthermore, it is said that they always donate the same amount of money the stolen item was worth to some charity. Are they gentleman thieves? Or the modern-day Arsene Lupin!? Who in the world are they!?


Wataru Touno

Age: 24 years old
Height: 178 cm
Occupation: Butler (First-Class)

He seems like a cheerful and frivolous individual, he is kind and sensitive to others’ feelings. Aiming to become an actor in London, he’s able to change his expressions and air around him. He doesn’t let his emotions show, but in reality he’s romantic and passionate.

  • Title: 怪盗執事パンテール・ヴェルト Vol.1 塔野航
  • Release Date: 2019.04.17
  • CV: Manaka Sawa
  • Label: Hanakagami
  • Type: R18 Drama CD

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