Masquerade Ch. 2 Seigi

» Title: Masquerade 二章 正義
» CV: Masato Kawamura
» Release Date: 2019.04.26
» Label: HOBiGIRLS neige
» Type: R18 Drama CD


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I’ll put my body, soul and all of my pride on the line to protect you――

You belong to the Aldonat Noble Family of the Kingdom of Tyria and it was decided that you would marry into the Laurus Royal Family from the neighboring country. A masquerade ball was held to celebrate your marriage. It was a joyous night where both men and women wore masks, dazzling clothing and alluring fragrances. It was supposed to be the last happy memory you had as a single woman――.

All of the sudden, everything fell into chaos when some unhappy commoners burst into the ball. Amidst the chaos, you ran into the anteroom where you found the Duke had collapsed and was covered in blood–Leo, your brother from a different mother, had your father in his arms.


Clovis Orlandi

He is the second son of a family of knights, the Orlandi Family, and the leader of the Imperial Knights protecting the Aldonat Noble Family. By the time he was born, it was already decided that he would enter into knighthood. He’s been going to your house ever since he was a child and often played with you, who is 8 years younger, both as your childhood friend and attendant.

There are two epilogues, you can choose and enjoy your favorite ending.

This series consists of 3 volumes. The story is completed in every volume, but the story is connected, so you can enjoy it more if you listen to all three volumes.

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