Liesel Plays: Bpro


Event: Taisho Bibliotheque

I wanted to post this earlier but I ended up posting it all late lolol2

This was my 1st event & I’m satisfied with my ranking. I didn’t know what to expect or how competitive players would be, but I managed to rank within my “safe zone” so yay!

I managed to stay between 5000-7000 rank throughout the event. I don’t think it was that hard to get that rank(?) or the prizes. I mean, I felt that compared to Tsukipara I didn’t really have to put a lot of effort (aka playing for countless of hours, going to sleep and all of the sudden you’re no longer within a good ranking range lol) to get a nice ranking. Maybe it just depends on the event and/or the characters involved in it, we’ll see.


This event was so generous to me. I was surprised to get Hikaru’s card on my first try! (I always prepare for the worst lol) I was wrong to assume that I would have the same amount of luck on my 2nd try because I didn’t get any cards from the event. lol Around that time, I had already gotten Mikado’s & Haru’s card, so of course I really wanted Ryuji to complete the event set of cards, but he didn’t come home!!! I decided to give it one last try and ta-dah I got Ryuji’s card…twice!

Photo 10x Shots: 1st Hikaru; 2nd None; 3rd Ryuji (x2)

Event: Mikado, Haru

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