Liesel Plays: Tsukipara


Event: Totsugeki! Uwasa no Manezu Idol


I didn’t put as much effort as I should have to this event because I spent too much time on Tsukino Empire. (a certain someone wasn’t taking only 1 Tsukino Empire card out of 4 pulls for an answer lol) I was only able to do 1 gasha pull, but I managed to get Hinata Wakatsuki, SOARA’s Manager!

Don’t get me wrong, I like SOARA, but I’m more of a SolidS kind of girl, so I would have preferred their manager instead. Who I really wanted though was Kanade Tsukishiro because he’s voiced by Yamanaka Masahiro lol and if it had to be a 3-star card then I would have preferred Growth’s manager because he’s cute. 😂 Watch me fall for Hinata though.

Gasha 10x Pull: 1st Hinata

Event: N/A


Obligatory photo with their manager lol I thought it was cute how you played as their mascots for this event.


Now a Lizz one because they’re my faves 😂 Too bad I wasn’t able to fit all of them, so I chose my biases/otps.


My Lizz character, and my attempt to do a Manager Idol theme. lol

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