Liesel Plays: Tsukipara


Event: Tsukino Empire (Kouhen)

I decided not to post about the Zenpen part because I didn’t aim for any of the Tsukiuta cards + I played it mainly to get jewels for the SOARA, Growth & Solids cards.


I’m not going to lie, the Tsukino Empire cards for SOARA, Growth & SolidS did things to me. Especially Shiki’s lol he just gave me Amai Choubatsu/Aki Myojin vibes and I wanted it! Mamoru’s & Rikka’s came in a close second. Me? Wanting a Rikka card?! You know it must be really good! Okay, all 3 gave me sadistic guard vibes and you know how I feel when it comes to that lol

Most wanted cards (in order of priority): Shiki, Mamoru, Rikka, Nozomu, Tsubasa, Ryota, Dai

Screenshot_2019-03-22-09-27-19 Screenshot_2019-03-22-09-26-54

I knew my chances of getting a character I wanted would be difficult with so many characters *cries* but something is better than nothing when it comes to gashas lol (Foreshadowing?)

My 1st try gave me Dai! I tried the gasha again and didn’t get anything. I had originally planned to do a gasha pull twice and then save for the April Fools gasha, but then I didn’t get anything so I said “Again”. 3rd pull, and nothing again. At this point, I had already realized that this was going to be like the birthday gashas where no matter how much I try, I don’t get anything…but guess who let their pride get the best of them? That’s right, ME. I somehow managed to get enough jewels for a 4th pull, but NOPE, NOTHING…like why won’t anyone come home?! lol I cried.

Gasha 10x Pull: 1st Dai; 2nd None; 3rd None, 4th None

Event: N/A


Okay, but look at my Lizz character. I went for a Tsukino Empire theme, don’t judge me. lol 😂

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