«Synopsis» Pandemonium Vol. 1

Title: パンデモニウム volume1 悪魔に魅入られた青年 黒江聖

Release Date: 2019.05.22

CV: Masato Kawamura

Label: GOLD

Type: R18 Drama CD


There are “devils” running rampant in the town—

An exotic atmosphere can be felt in the beautiful town of Kosaka. But devils that tempt, corrupt, and feed on human souls dwell in that place. The ones who seduce, the ones who are seduced, and the ones who want to put an end to it. Today too, everyone’s thoughts will be interlaced once again.

Vol. 1 Akuma ni Miirareta Seinen Kuroe Hijiri (CV. Masato Kawamura)

For the sake of your broken heart after being dumped by your boyfriend, you move away to Kosaka where you meet Hijiri Kuroe. As you drink to drown your sorrows, Hijiri seduces you with sweet words. With the power of alcohol and his influence, you have a one-night stand with Hijiri. However, ever since that night, you keep seeing Hijiri “in between dreams and reality”. You gradually stop fearing Hijiri who calls himself a “devil”, losing yourself in perversion and becoming a prisoner to his pleasure.


Hijiri Kuroe

An aesthetic young man with an otherworldly atmosphere. His real character is that of a devil with a wild nature. Even though he looks like a human, he has the power to create another self and appear between dreams and reality to seduce you.

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