R18 Doujin CDs: April 2019

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This list includes my personal picks for this month, and I’ll continue updating it throughout the month!

April 30

~Prison Prince – Captured Princess~ (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

Circle: Dread・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You were kidnapped a few days ago, and was being held in a manor. If you show signs or emotions of wanting to escape, the man will give you punishment.

April 29

It’s Ok, Princess (CV. Sakato Togai, Itaru Shiba)

Circle: Violet Bone・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’re a futanari lady-like daughter who asks your two butlers to help you with your nightly worries. A look into the secret time spent between the three of you at night.

April 26

Incubus-Kun is Here! (CV. Pekemaru)

Circle: white mist・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Repeated orgasm sex with a non-human in your dreams!? You have been working too hard and haven’t even had any dreams recently. You pray to have a dream, but little did you know you would end up calling him… “I’m not a demon, I’m a succubus!”

Front and Back – A world of liars – (CV. Masao Daidabashi)

Circle: catalyst・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: An obscene story of a corrupted woman and a man begins with a vengeance. “We are family now, so we won’t ever be apart again.”

April 20

My More Secret Relationship with a Middle-aged Shop Manager (CV.  Dynamo Murata)

Circle: redsheep pavillion・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You work at a certain part-time job. You admired the shop manager who says he was popular during his youth. A certain event led the two of you into a secret relationship, and you begin to enjoy pleasure with the well-experienced manager…

April 19

Twisted Love in the Nurse’s Office (CV. Masato Kawamura)

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your favorite nurse’s office teacher catches you voyeuring and uses it as blackmail. Though you are nervous, you eventually give in.

Chastising You With His D*ck ~ Punishment for a Cheating Girl (CV. SukimaCherry)

Circle: Cat’s Cradle・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: For some reason you decide that you will go meet your ex-boyfriend. You already discussed it with Kaoru, your current boyfriend, but deep down he couldn’t accept it, and he lets out his frustrations… He accuses you of cheating and forces you down against your will.

April 17

The Surprisingly Easy Life Being a Dog of a Noble Son (CV. Takashi Kusaya)

Circle: IAMOK2・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: A look into the daily life of being a girl who is owned and trained as a pet by the son of a distinguished family.

April 13

Me, My Brother, and My Family Coffin (CV. Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Circle: Sacrifice・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Yes, even on that day you were enjoying an ordinary dinner with your brother. Little did you know that your everyday life was just “fiction”.

Tried to Scam a Man but He Caught On and I Ended Up Getting Violated by Him… (CV. Yua Kagami)

Circle: Platinum Level・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You tried to scam a man who saw through your ploy, and you are forced to have sex with him however he wants.

April 11

Just Sleeping Next To You Isn’t Enough! Sou-kun (CV. Shoutaro Natsume)

Circle: Frizzclip・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: “From good morning to good night… a lovey-dovey stay-at-home date with your boyfriend.” Enjoy spending time together with him!

April 10

His Blind Obsession for You (CV. Sei Touno)

Circle: rootApex・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: After dating Asuma for 2 weeks, he suddenly proposes to you, so you decide to live together with the intention of eventually getting married. However, you begin to feel that Asuma’s actions are strange…

April 09

Feminine Man’s Sexual Preference ~ Morning Wood Impregnation Marriage (CV. Roku Aine)

Circle: Cat’s Cradle・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your superior at your job / lover, works as a porn director. He talks very lady-like, but his sexual preference is for women. You were sleeping on the sofa in the office, but he suddenly mounted you. He pressed his rock-hard thing against you and…?

April 08

Though This Ends Tomorrow (CV. Sukima Cherry)

Circle: groseille noir・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: The both of you had been going through a rough patch and had felt adulterous feelings outside of your relationship. A common end between lovers. This is the last night that you will spend together with him…

April 06

Pervert Family – Masochist Sister Gets Bullied By Her Brother (CV. Ataru Nikaisen)

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You are a school girl who isn’t doing well in school, and your elite brother Kouji, who is taking his masters, helps you study. However, your sadistic brother didn’t just teach you homework, but sexual things too…

Honey Dream Fairy Tale ~ Snow White (CV. Haku Fujishiro)

Circle: Dreamin’&Dreamy・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: The third volume in the series is based on Cinderella. He awaits your arrival in the fairy tale world, which is for adults only.

Related: Part 1 “Honey Dream Fairy Tale – Little Red Riding Hood“, Part 2 “Honey Dream Fairy Tale ~ Cinderella

April 05

My Personal P*ssy Slave ~You Are Turned into a Sex Toy~ (CV. SukimaCherry)

Circle: Cat’s Cradle・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: “From this day forward you are my personal sex slave” Your boyfriend Kou suddenly speaks these words to you. His demand upsets you and you fight back at first, but his actions gradually escalate until…?

Female-Only Salon [Ophir] ~ Repeated Climax without Any Rest (CV. Iroha Hanakanzashi, Yuuya Hiiragi, Tomoki Shimada, Daiki Naitou, Yuichi Oyake)

Circle: mellow yellow・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Welcome to the female-only salon [Ophir]! Our different cast members will help guide you to orgasm. Enjoy 1 on 1 service from 5 different men, pleasure guaranteed!

My Chiropractor (CV. Masaru Kuki)

Circle: Dusk・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: The heroine is tired from work, and decides to drop by a new chiropractor in town. Who greeted her there was a young man with a muscular and well-defined body. The heroine was startled and tried to leave, but he guaranteed his skills, and she decided to get the massage. It turned out he was really good, and her body and heart began to lose tension. She becomes a fan of his skills, and becomes a regular customer, but one day their relationship begins to change… A daily love comedy of two individuals who had vowed never to love again.

April 04

LIP on LIP vol.2 Super Loyal Prince Top x Puppy-like Mischievous Bottom (CV. Asuta Utsugi, Kyou Tsukikage)

Circle: Endless Knot・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: A situational BL voice drama that focuses on creating the “Ultimate Kiss Scene”. This time we have a super loyal prince (Top) x puppy-like mischievous boy (bottom) coupling.

A work that specializes in kiss-scene lip sounds. Doesn’t include penetrative sex, but because of some lewd content (hand job, etc.) the rating is set to R18. 

Sweet Love ~ Seiren ~ (CV. Ryuji Kataoka)

Circle: DxD・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Devils and demi-humans coexist with humans. Unlike humans, they call their significant other “Tsugai”. A story about non-humans looking for their “Tsugai”.

Seiren works as a popular idol with an alluring singing voice. His voice has the power to brainwash, hypnotize, and manipulate. Because of this, his lust to bind and confine is stronger than other devils.

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