Liesel Plays: Tsukipara


Event: S.Q.S ROMEO – in the darkness –


SQ events are always my favorite for obvious reasons! ❤

I’m proud of my ranking. I mean, I still ended up in the 1000-5000 bracket as I always do (in the events where I actually try), but this might be my best ranking ever. I sacrificed my mind, soul and fingers to make this a reality. 😂 It was more like I wanted to get the items for the photo studio than the ranking itself tbh. Omg I remember when they first added the photo studio feature I was like “nah, I’m not going to stress myself over getting items since I’m not going to use it!” but jokes on me because look at me now. lol 


I’m happy that I was able to get most of the SQ members. Maybe some day Rikka & Shiki will come home. 😅

Gasha 10x Pull: 1st Eichi; 2nd None; 3rd Dai, Ichiru; 4th Shu (x2)

“Event Ticket Only” Gasha 1x Pull: Tsubasa

Event: Issei


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