Liesel Plays: Tsukipara


Event: 2nd Anniversary Tsukiuta Hen ~Happyou! Tsukipara Ranking~


If there’s one word to describe this event: Nightmare (lol)

Not only was this event going on at the same time as the SQS one, but the way the pts were given was different than usual. (and not in a good way) I was horrified at the small amount of pts you were given. “I’m never going to reach any of the rewards much less get a good ranking!” was what I initially thought, but when I figured out how to play my ranking improved by a lot! I think I was in the top 5000 for the first few days, but that didn’t last. 😂 

I really wanted to get Hajime’s and Shun’s cards from both the pts and the ranking rewards…and while ranking for Shun was something that was possible, ranking for Hajime was out of the question. lol As for the pts rewards, I was so damn close, but (1) I spent more time on the SQS event. (2) My team was formed by the SQS Event Issei 4☆ card and my Tsukiuta 4☆ cards. I chose not to pull the special gasha for Tsukiuta because I wanted to save my jewels for the other series’ events so my pts were good but NOT great. 

I spent the last day going back and forth between Rankings 8000-10000 but the last few hours were a fierce battle to just stay in the top 10000. Like dayum! I made sure to stay at a “safe” ranking before going to sleep and had planned to just sleep in but nope…I woke up after like 6 hours only to realize I had gone down like 1000 rankings or so and every time the ranking was updated I kept going down like 300 rankings!!! (this was happening in the final hour) At that rate I was going to be kicked out from the top 10000 like omg! so I had to keep playing until the end. 😱

I was able to rank in the top 10000 and got Shun’s card. ❤❤❤

Gasha: N/A

Event: Shun (Ranking Only)


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