Liesel Plays: Tsukipara


Event: 2nd Anniversary ALIVE Hen ~Ike! Time Machine Navi Usa~


This event was easier than Tsukiuta’s and I’m glad lol Also relieved that there weren’t two versions of the event cards like last time. 

I usually don’t enjoy the ALIVE events as much because of the songs. I like SOARA (characters), but most of their songs are not my type, sorry. I was however, super excited about Buzzer Beater, because hell yeah! I love it. 😍 I loved the ones they picked for Growth…Toki no Hazama ni was a blessing. MY SHIP.

I went all out the first few days, but then just took it slow the last few. Had to rest my fingers for the SQ event. 😂

Gasha x10 Pull: 1st Mamoru

Event: Koki, Sora


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