Liesel Plays: Mr. Love Queen’s Choice 👑

I recently started playing MLQC and just like always when it comes to new games…I thought really hard about whether or not to play it, but I’ve been waiting to play this game for so long, so yeah here I am! 😂

Still a bit sad about some of the changes like the guy’s names, and that there’s no Chinese voice acting (like have you even heard how Chinese sounds? I love it!) and if you think that I’ll definitely turn a blind eye just for the hot guys…then you’re right lol

The English voice acting is actually great omg! (You read that correctly. Me? actually enjoying an EN dub?! Now that’s rare!) It was a tough choice, but I ultimately ended up changing to the JP one because I can’t escape. lol If only they added the Chinese voice acting it would be perfect. (Pretty please ❤)

I must admit that there’s A LOT of things that you have to do in the game and I wished there wasn’t (because hello? I have a life and like a hundred other games to play 😂), but the story and characters make it worth it (so far at least) so yeah I’m having fun. 😉

Oh gosh, I wonder if I’m the only one having a difficult time choosing a fave! Every time I think I’ve decided, the other 3 do something that make me question myself. lol

  • Kiro has a special place in my heart for sure. (I’m not gonna say no to someone that looks like my babe Huang Shaotian)
  • It’s difficult not to fall for Lucien with the things he says and does lol
  • I initially thought those two would be my top, but then Gavin came along and he rose from last place all the way to the top.
  • Just when I convince myself that Victor is not my fave, he does something where I’m like “DADDY”.

I just want them all! My new dilemma. 😂


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