Liesel Plays: Tsukipara


Event: 2nd Anniversary SQ Hen ~Zenryoku! Ouen Arigatou Party~

It’s been some time since the actual event ended, but the gasha was still ongoing and I wanted to try until the very end to get the SQ member cards! This was probably the easiest out of the 3 anni. events. Even though there was no competition for ranking, I still went all out lol

My studio might look crowded, but I love it. SQ 4 LIFE!


The event reward cards were my otps!!! Thank you for the fanservice. 😘 I got Tsubasa’s card on my first pull and I was so happy! I decided to try my luck with the step-up gasha next despite seeing a lot of posts saying the pulls weren’t good. It was my first time and probably my last time(?) lol I’m not sure if I’ll want to try it ever again. My pulls weren’t bad per se, but I believe I’ve gotten better pulls with the regular gasha tbh. Well, my pulls with the regular gasha were also bad this time lol I tried my best until the last day to get Eichi’s card, but failed miserably. Someday, right? lol

Gasha x10 Pull: 1st: Tsubasa, 2nd-5th: None

Step-Up Gasha: 1st: Ichiru, 2nd: None, 3rd: Rikka, 4th: None

Event: Shu, Shiki


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