R18 Drama CD | Le Theatre Act 3 Masaomi Urai

Title: Le Theatre 第3幕 浦井雅臣

Release Date: 2019.08.28

Kumaniku Fuyuno


R18 Drama CD


Recently, I look forward to the new expressions that you’ll show me……This is bad. I could get addicted to this.

You’re an actress and you will be making a guest appearance in Ragnarok Theatre’s next performance “Majou no Onna”. You play a character that’s treated cruelly by the heroine, and betrayed, but even so thinks of her as a dear friend and even helps her get revenge. You’re having a hard time figuring out your character since it’s your first time playing that type of role, so you ask the production leader, Masaomi Urai, to help you get into character. “I want you to bully me.” Masaomi treats you coldly and a new feeling gradually awakens inside of you. And Masaomi also……The relationship between the two of you becomes–?


You can read more about this cd series in my Le Theatre Page


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