Monochrome Wizard ~Kuro no Sanka, Shiro no Chinkonka~

Monochrome Wizard~黒の讃歌、白の鎮魂歌~ [Dusk]

Monochrome Wizard ~Kuro no Sanka, Shiro no Chinkonka~ is an R18 otome game for PC created by Dusk that was released on August 04.

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The beautiful doll-like girl– Karen Tachiki awaited graduation day indifferently. For financial reasons, she would be unable to pursue a higher education. For some reason, she’s been unable to find a job either.

Without any signs that things would get any better, she lives everyday in misery. One day, as the heroine runs away from her bullies, she enters a forest. And so she stumbles upon a strange cave, and goes inside to escape her pursuers but…… At the other end was a vast land from a different world that she had never seen before.


She’s bewildered by what she sees and all of the sudden, she finds some men that look like soldiers. For some reason, they seem wary of the heroine as if she was someone dangerous……

To be together or be entwined with jealousy?―― A trip to another world at war to recover “pain”.


Karen Tachiki -Heroine-

William Purehtoranto(?) -Main- (CV. Akira Miraku)

Leo Vahnvarui(?) -Main- (CV. Ryoku Shinsen)



  • English Title: Monochrome Wizard ~Kuro no Sanka, Shiro no Chinkonka~
  • Title: Monochrome Wizard ~Kuro no Sanka, Shiro no Chinkonka~
  • Original Title: Monochrome Wizard~黒の讃歌、白の鎮魂歌~
  • Developer: Dusk
  • Genre: R18 Romance ADV for women
  • Release Date: August 04, 2019
  • System: PC
  • Voice: Voiced (Japanese)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Rating: R18
  • Official Website:
  • Official Twitter: @Dusk_dorama
  • Where to Buy:

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