[R18 Anime] XL Joushi.


TL Comic 上司のアソコはXLサイズ!?~太い先っぽ…入ってる…! (Joushi no Asoko wa XL Size!? Futoi Sakippo…Haitteru…! ) by Itoh Kani is getting an anime!

Release Date: Fall 2019 (Oct)


With her friend’s recommendation, Saki becomes an XL condom tester. But she doesn’t have a boyfriend to test them with…! and so she drinks her worries away. She ends up being taken home by her ogre-boss, Keisuke Sudo, and he happens to see the large amount of condoms!

“What were you planning to do…?” 

Since he gets the wrong idea, she has no choice but to explain her situation, and Keisuke reveals his secret– An XL condom tester and a cats and dogs like relationship with her boss…testing all kinds of condoms…It’s gotta be a lie, right!?


2019-08-14 (5)-horz

(From Left to Right)

Saki Watase

» Age: 26
» Height: 161 cm
» Talent: Expert in special sales

Keisuke Sudo CV: Haruki Ishiya (Normal Ver.) / Masato Kawamura (R18 Ver.)

» Age: 31
» Height: 180 cm
» Size: XL
» Talent: Cooking

Riku Narita CV: Shioya Fumiyoshi (Normal Ver.) / Yanesen (R18 Ver.)

» Age: 26
» Height: 179 cm
» Size: XL
» Talent: Karaoke

Where to watch? -Will be updated once it starts airing-

» Official YT Channel (FREE) Censored Version, no EN subs available.

» Official Site (FREE) Censored Version, no EN subs available.

» Official Site ($$$) Full Version, no EN subs available.

※ New episodes air every Sunday

Where to read?

» ($$$) Official EN Translation, Title: “My Boss Has XL Size”

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

Omg! Thinking back to when I saw snippets (ads lol) of this one…Never did I imagine Masato Kawamura would be voicing the boss with the big dick! I’m screaming! 😳😳😳 I’m happy to see Yanesen as well!

I always get ads for this one and I’m getting flashbacks of all the times my friends and I get ads for this manga and we start talking about XL dicks. 😂😂😂 I mean even though it’s censored (light saber dick) the boss really does have a monster dick…even I blush every time I see it. 👀👀👀

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