Pandemonium Vol. 3

Title: 「パンデモニウム」volume3 エクソシスト 都築久遠

Release Date: 2019.08.28

CV: Noboru Tetrapod

Label: GOLD

Type: R18 Drama CD


There are “devils” running rampant in the town—

An exotic atmosphere can be felt in the beautiful town of Kosaka. But devils that tempt, corrupt, and feed on human souls dwell in that place. The ones who seduce, the ones who are seduced, and the ones who want to put an end to it. Today too, everyone’s thoughts will be interlaced once again.

Vol. 3 Exorcist Kuon Tsuzuki (CV. Noboru Tetrapod)

After 10 years, you’ve come back to the town of Kosaka where you lived during high school. However, soon after your arrival, you begin to have very indecent dreams. Everyday, you wake up feeling tired and you’re troubled by the vivid traces of pleasure from the dream. Meanwhile, you’re reunited with your old high school classmate, Kuon Tsuzuki. Now an exorcist, Kuon tells you that the reason you’ve been having those dreams is because you’re being haunted by a devil. The only thing he can do now to save your soul that has been deeply corrupted is to give you a greater pleasure than the devil–

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