Hana-Doll* Drama CD Split No.01

Hello everyone! I’m hosting a split for Hana-Doll Drama CDs! 💕

I just found out about them today and I’m upset it took me this long! lol but it’s not surprising as it seems the English-speaking fandom is still very small 🤔 I already know hosting this split might be a long shot, but I wanted to give others the opportunity to listen to the cds (& hopefully drag you down into this hell with me lmfao) tbh I’ll still buy them even if the split is not successful because I’m a slut for idols & some of the seiyuu in this project lol 🤣

Please do check out their music, you won’t regret it 😉

  • Registration Form: bit.ly/3hswj7d
  • Paypal, Ko-Fi, Venmo & Google Pay 🆗

Shares appreciated! ☺ #lieselGOs

  🌻 HANA#01

  • HANA-Doll* 1st season Flowering Vol. 1 Birth
  • HANA-Doll* 1st season Flowering Vol. 2 Boxed

Additional details can be found in the registration form ☆ Please let me know if there are any errors!