[R18 Drama CD] Ikigami-sama no Ikeniekon


Vol.1-4 are available on DLsite!


The story takes place in a village with a custom that remains until the present day. Since long ago, a man from the Touduka family would serve as a substitute (sacrifice) for the misfortune of the village. He would take a woman from the outside as a wife, and worship her as the living god to prevent misfortune from falling on himself and the Touduka family.

The villagers pretended not to see when “the sacrifice demanded an even greater sacrifice.”

——Therefore, how did the Touduka family worship the living god, how did they pray to it?

Nobody knew with the exception of the Touduka family.

The white’s trush let out a loud cry——



(I’m not sure if the names are correct lol 😅)


  • Title: Ikigami-sama no Ikeniekon
  • Original Title: ​​​逝き神様の生贄婚
  • Label: Black Lady
  • Type: R18 Drama CD


  • 2019.08.30 – Ikigami-sama no Ikeniekon Vol. 1 (CV. Masaru Kuki)
  • 2019.09.27 – Ikigami-sama no Ikeniekon Vol. 2 (CV. Manaka Sawa)
  • 2019.10.25 – Ikigami-sama no Ikeniekon Vol. 3 (CV. Akira Miraku)
  • 2019.11.29 – Ikigami-sama no Ikeniekon Vol. 4 (CV. Masato Kawamura)


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