NoT Release

Title: ​​​NoT Release

Release Date: 2019.10.25

CV(s): Masato Kawamura, Kanade Mie

Label: Chouette

Type: R18 Doujin CD


3 years ago, you married your much older boss. Your husband already had a son, Tsutomu Hayase, from his previous marriage.

At first, you were worried whether things would go well with Tsutomu, but he took a liking to you and your days now are warm and peaceful. Tsutomu’s friend, Ataru Tachinaga, also treated you like his mother, and that made you happy.

However, Tsutomu had fallen in love with you, his step-mother, and he asked Ataru for advice. His feelings for you grew by the day and he assaulted you one night while he was drunk.

You were able to avoid the worst-case scenario thanks to an unexpected visit from Ataru and Tsutomu stormed out of the house consumed by the guilt of his actions.

“That must have been scary.”

Just as you were reassured by his kind words, he said something unexpected next.

“Just kidding~ Haha, the two of you are too easy.”

Everything had been planned all along…….Ataru was also in love with you, he had kept it a secret even from Tsutomu. His love for you had become distorted and you were going to get caught up by it.

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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

This one sounds even more exciting (in more ways than one) than the previous one! 😳

At first sight, I thought Masato Kawamura would be the one to voice Tsutomu and Kanade Mie would voice Ataru, but it was the other way around. I approve nonetheless 👀

Listening to the second sample voice like *insert Jyuto’s voice here* “Hai stop, stop, stop” It was definitely not good for my heart or my ears lol If Tsutomu wants to call me kaa-san as he moans then kaa-san it is. 😂

I’m weak for Ataru’s looks 🤤 Tsutomu kinda looks like Alex from BJ Alex & no one can change my mind lol

2019-09-28 (1)2019-09-28


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