DeepAddict Fukaku Iganda Jun’ai

Title: DeepAddict 深く歪んだ純愛

CV: Atsushi Domon

Release Date: 2019.12.25

Label: GOLD

Type: R18 Drama CD


From travelling abroad to being kidnapped and auctioned in the black market. You were bought and ordered to spend the night with the prince of a certain small country. 

“I have no interest in you. Now leave!” he says to you coldly. 

However, his attitude towards you changes after you have sex. You’re confused by his sudden change. His love for you was becoming profound and intense. Before long――that love became distorted…… 

“Love me, and be loved by me. There’s no other way.”

Character Profile:


The prince of a small island country called World of the Arabian Sea. He may not show it, but he falls in love easily and is the dependent type.

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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

I was originally going to skip this one lol but it caught my interest as I read the synopsis because guess who’s a slut for this kind of plot? *raises hand*

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