[R18 Drama CD] Check-in 101 Goushitsu

Title: チェックイン 101号室

CV: Masato Sakurai

Release Date: 2020.02.28

Label: Chouette

Type: R18 Doujin CD


You’ve been together with Ryuusei for over a year. Everything is going well between the two of you, but there’s something that is bothering him. And that is that you are embarrassed and indifferent about sex.

“Does she not like me anymore?” 

“Don’t tell me it’s because I’m not good?!” 

Those were the kind of worrying thoughts he had every day. One day, Ryuusei suggests that you go to a love hotel for the first time in his life. Maybe doing something different than usual would help spice things up in the bedroom. At least that seemed to be his plan…..

Your first time in a love hotel is filled with excitement! Won’t you check-in the love hotel today to deepen your love?

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