[R18 Drama CD] Amai Choubatsu Vol. 1

Title: 甘い懲罰~看守・明神亜貴~
CV: Kazuma Hoshino
Release Date: 2020.03.25
Label: Comic Festa Voice TL / Suiseisha
Type: R18 Drama CD


You’ll be violated by his cold yet beautiful eyes―― 

You’re a former office lady and you were sent to prison for a crime you didn’t commit. What awaited you there was a ruthless domination from the handsome warden, Aki Myojin…You’re his plaything and he’ll use his delicate fingers and hot tongue to pleasure you mercilessly. During inspection, inside the prison, and during visits from your boyfriend…What fate awaits you as your immoral body is being conditioned――!?

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

Did you ever wish you were in Hina’s place? Wanted to be dominated by hot daddy Aki? (maybe you wanted to have a chance to stand up against him?…or at least try to because we all know fully well how that’s going to end 💦💦💦) If you answered yes then say no more because this cd is for you and me both lol

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