Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game S2

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Title: 淫蜜脱出ゲーム

Label: NiNO

Type: R18 Drama CD

Release Date(s):

  • 2020.02.26 Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game Vol. 6 Mabudachi Doukyuusei (CV. Kakeru Yunomachi)
  • 2020.03.25 Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game Vol. 7 Gui-gui Idol (CV. Masato Kawamura)
  • 2020.04.29 Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game Vol. 8 Wake-ari Sensei (CV. Subaru Ichinose)
  • 2020.05.27 Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game Vol. 9 Ura-omote Shachou (CV. Akira Miraku)


A certain man and woman lost their way in an awfully mysterious hotel and can’t escape from their room until they complete various “sex missions”. They will have to devote themselves to the sex in order to escape. Will their love for each other also deepen as they complete each mission—?

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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

So…tbh at first I was a little bit meh about these because if you look closely, the heroines look like little girls (especially vol. 6 and 8) 👀 but like they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover lol

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