Futari ni Honrou sareru Koi in Office

Title: ふたりに翻弄される恋 in Office

CV: Noboru Tetrapod, Kakeru Yunomachi

Release Date: 2020.04.22

Label: Vanilla Recipe

Type: R18 Drama CD

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Taichi, Haruka and you belong to the same department and were working overtime preparing for a company competition. When Haruka began talking to Taichi about romance, Taichi said that he has someone that he likes. Hearing that made you sad and that made Haruka jealous, so when the two of you were in the company’s storeroom he—

“I’m not letting you go until you choose me….”

Wanted by both your senior at work who’s good at taking care of others and your somewhat playful, yet mischievous co-worker…!?

Please DO NOT REPOST, RETRANSLATE, OR USE my translations in any way without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate.


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