R18 Doujin CDs: April 2020

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This list includes my personal picks for this month, and I’ll continue updating it throughout the month!

Big Brother x Slut (CV. Tsubasa Kuzai)

Circle: Dusk・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: Our heroine is a bit of a slut, believing that her Prince Charming is the man that can satisfy her sexual desires the best. But thanks to her search for the ideal partner, her grades have started to slip. Luckily, her studious step brother is here to provide some instruction. And maybe something more…

Bad Luck Peeping Vol.1 (CV. Taichi Tama, Kanade Mie)

Circle: 12 hours to NeriType: BL/R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: You end up getting trapped inside the PE storage room box horse. You hear the voice of the hot student council president, and an underclassmen. You can’t help but peep on their sensual love making…

Amayadori no Yurikago (CV. Masaru Kuki)

Circle: parasite garden・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: The other day you received a ticket in the mail from a mysterious hot spring inn. You didn’t remember applying to a contest or anything, but who are you to complain about a free hot spring vacation? So you head off to the secluded inn in the middle of the mountains, Amayadori… Once there, you’re greeted by Mitsuru Amakura, who hands you a pamphlet and shows you around. And later, while pouring you some alcohol, he tells you a story of long ago… “In the distant past, this village was barren. The crops wouldn’t grow, and the children all suffered from malnutrition and deformities. And then one day, a goddess appeared. She offered to make the land bountiful and fertile, but in exchange the people would be cursed. Cursed with beauty and skill.” So much for a curse, huh? You laughed. “Though the men of the village may be good looking, however, the true curse is this: no women are born in this village. So to make children, we have to search… outside our own boundaries. We need to find people like you… Now then… want to make a baby?”

How Did I End Up in This Situation with My Cute Kohai!? (CV. Koutou Saionji)

Circle: Fine Ribbon・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: Before you know it, something happens between you and your cute kohai. How did we end up here!? This is the story of what happened as the two of you recall it.

A Sadist Is Gripping My Shift Lever ~Gentle Verbal Abuse~ (CV. OneNightLove)

Circle: Icicle PinkType: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: You couldn’t forget the time he asked if you were a masochist… he was your driving instructor, but he wouldn’t let this chance go…

Sex Training (CV. Shii)

Circle: Immoral Zone・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: What lies under his sweet voice…? Strict discipline…

Sweety Sweet Boys 12 ~Case of Hayato Arai~ (CV. Yoritada Konoe)

Circle: Utakata Soushi Sound Inn・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: Sweet, sinful teasing from the boy you’re currently kissing…

Shame About that Mage to the South (CV. Natsuno Taiyou)

geometric rose・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: The cute and unfortunate mage from the south is… an otoko no ko!? After playing with your sensitive parts, they take out that masculine tool of theirs…? 

Sexy Delivery Tonight’s Package is a Tingly Moment of Sweetness (CV. Tarou Yamada)

Circle: Alice Drop・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: “A store, your house, your favorite hotel… a sexy prince has a package for you that he’ll deliver anywhere you want it.” Who will you choose tonight…?

Foolish Love Express – Cornered by His Fingertips – (CV. Ataru Nikaisen)

Circle: AreaSType: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: A strange man confronts you on the train. Packed closely together, you’re powerless to stop his wandering fingers…

Indiscreet Residence: My Intimate Relationship With The Handsome Instructor Next Door (CV. Ryoku Shinsen)

Circle: melopure・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: A new situation drama where a kind but indiscreet handsome man takes you to a hot spring resort!

Former Host Works at a Sex Club (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

monoBlue・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: Host clubs are places where the desires of men and women spiral out of control… I was the top host at my club, when one day a woman came in who could really put away the alcohol. But when it came time to pay the bill, she was nowhere to be found… and it was all left to me! I need some extra money, so I started working at a cosplay club… how hard could it be? The job of a host is to satisfy women, right? I can do that…… at least he thought he could! You’re his customer, and you’ve prepared all sorts of wild stuff to do during your time together…! Masturbation, anal toys, and roleplaying are just the tip of the iceberg for the new guy in this romantic comedy audio drama!

It’s a Shame About that Mage to the West (CV. Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Circle: geometric rose・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: As the daughter of a baker, you’ll go anywhere to sell bread. And you’ll sell it to anyone, from ordinary people to sorcerers. All the while wishing for peace… But on the opposite side of the spectrum, there was a mage in the West who felt a little differently. His was a somewhat harsher view, that one should live in the present… and he was waiting for you as he read in his study. He wants to become a legend… together with you…

The Love Birdcage (CV. Yoritada Konoe)

ofutonhamster・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: Locked away in a basement, you are violated day and night.

Doggy Senpai’s Animal Desires (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

white mist・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: The guy next to you at your work is a popular, dog-like guy named Haru Ousawa. He’s very friendly and takes the time to be kind to everyone, so he’s popular with not just the women, but his other superiors as well. But lately he’s looking a little down… It’s your job as his senior to raise his spirits, so you offer to take him for a drink. As the night goes on, the two of you start to open up to one another. And on the way back, he stops in front of a love hotel. “I want you to spoil me even more…” he said…The guy next to you at your work is a popular, dog-like guy named Haru Ousawa. He’s very friendly and takes the time to be kind to everyone, so he’s popular with not just the women, but his other superiors as well. But lately he’s looking a little down… It’s your job as his senior to raise his spirits, so you offer to take him for a drink. As the night goes on, the two of you start to open up to one another. And on the way back, he stops in front of a love hotel. “I want you to spoil me even more…” he said…

Depravity ~Sullied by the Molester~ (CV. Arashi Hino)

Circle: redsheep pavilion・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: It’s easy to be corrupted in your daily life… One day on a packed train, you’re targeted by an unusually handsome pervert…

Subordinate Papa ~Going Ecchi with a Slight Masochist~ (CV. Cherry Hatsuji)
Under Rain・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: You first met Usamin after he got drunk one night, and he were tasked with taking him home. With his handsome looks, and kind smile, you were smitten. After a mishap involving him wondering into the bathroom while you were bathing, you try to goad him into something more sexual. Since you’re a schoolgirl, he adamantly refuses, but you have a trick up your sleeve… Next time, you take a picture that looks like he’s sexually assaulting, and use it to blackmail him into doing the dirty business. Things start to escalate from there…

Traumatized Boyfriend Kyou Okazaki (CV. Kanoe)

Circle: Frizzclip・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: After a nice date at the aquarium, you head to your boyfriend’s place. “This is my house, so of course I’ll be serving my beloved girlfriend.” And so he hands you a drink. After things calm down, you realize it’s about time for the last train, so you say it’s about time you head back. But then… “Believe me, doubt me, trust me, love me…” A binding love story of you and him.

Boys in Sagara Family 2: Sora, the Third Son (CV. Shuuya Asou)

an ephemeral storage・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: A lovely moments that three brothers of Sagara family spend with you… — Which one is your ideal boy? The youngest Sagara son, Sora, has been working hard at school and his part time job, but now it’s the off season and he’s got a break! So it’s off to the theme park and then to an inn with the two of you for a long-awaited 2 day, 1 night date! He’s a bit childish in the day time, but at night in your incredible hotel room with an enormous bath, his personality changes…

Tokyo Sequence ~The Swordsman Can’t Oppose the Saint~ (CV. Taro Aki, Ouma Hakurou)

Circle: Ojousan-dou・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: A modern fantasy story with sword x suit elements. Will you choose your forgotten childhood friend? Or will you choose your unrequited first love?

The Encore Doesn’t Stop ~ You and the Lunatic Idol (CV. Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Circle: LOVIP・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: Kouki Mizushina is a popular male idol among young people, and you are his manager. On the outside, it simply looks as though he believes in you, and and you him. However, the two of you have a past involving an incident that lead to Kouki leaving his previous agency. And the two of you have a codependency unknown to the world. However, as Kouki grows in fame, and it starts to become apparent how close you are to him, you start to distance yourself. When Kouki notices your suddenly cold attitude, he confronts you, and gets on top of you…

Hotel Omasa Love Affair Case 2. Natsume Mizushino (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

Circle: rootApex・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: You’re just about done with work, but your manager comes to tell you give you a message. But that wasn’t what her really wanted to tell you. “Hey, are you free tomorrow? I’m off too, so let’s go get a drink before we go home.” Getting a drink after work wasn’t so unusual. But when you did it, the two of you talked for so long that you missed your last train. “I guess we’ll have to get a hotel. Wanna try that popular love hotel near the station? They say you can get solo rooms, and it should be good research.” As the front manager of a hotel yourself, you were really interested when he said this place was popular. So you went with him to do some research. But once there was more alcohol involved, he started asking you what types of guys you liked. And you found yourself telling him just how much you like him…

Everlasting Summer Paradise ~The Pleasure of Raw Car Sex~ (CV. Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Circle: Hope Sea・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: You met a man named Sousuke Fujiki at a bar. He invites you on a date, so the two of you go for a drive. You think he’s going to take you back to his place, but all of a sudden he leans in and kisses you right there in the car!

Corrupted Into a Cumdump by A Stylish Butler (CV. ysd.)

Sacrifice・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: After graduating music college, you became the pianist at a high-class club. But you had a secret nobody else knew. At least you thought so, until you met Ichinose.

The Mafia Man’s Distorted Favor (CV. Ran Kumada)

Pomeostasis・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: Even though you’re engaged, you end up getting tangled up in a forbidden relationship with a mafia member.

I Thought He Hated Me, But When He Said He Wanted Me, I Ended Up in Sex Heaven!

Circle: Bella・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: Tetsuto Watanuki is your childhood friend from next door, but during puberty the two of you started to drift apart… you still see him around sometimes, but it’s not the same. That is, until you hear he had an accident at work and is in the hospital. You rush over to visit him, even though you were sure he wouldn’t want to see you. But he did. And he needs your help with some of his symptoms.

I Will Take and Confine You 4 (CV. Shoutarou Natsume)

Circle: Burgundy・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: A story about you, and a man who cucks his best friend’s girlfriend.

True Love Prostitute’s Passionate Sex ~Sweetness for Your Tired Soul~ (CV. Daisuke Shindo )

Circle: bloom・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: “I’m gonna spoil you lots today too!” Want to get healed by this hot rentboy too?

Secret Sex Life ~XX Next to My Boyfriend~

Circle: Paralyze・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: “I want my beautiful boyfriend to fuck me in his sleep”

Hunky Guy’s Real Recording ~ Realtor Jin 27 yo (Sex Voiced Businessman)

Circle: mii’s yawn・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: This hot businessman lets you listen in on his masturbation. Includes workplace eroticism, fantasies, and even edging!

Your Butler, Ignorant of Love (CV. Junta Kayama)

Circle: Violet Bone・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: “Good morning, Master.” Your butler doesn’t know anything about human feelings… That would probably be because he’s not human…

Pleasure-Awakening Hypnosis Voice (CV. Nakashima)

kurotukido・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: An immoral hypnotic audio work where a man awakens your latent sexual feelings…

Sexchiatrist Complications

Circle: Paralyze・Type: R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: Try about some healing sex.

Those Who Sell: Third (CV. Daisuke Shindou)

Circle: Carbohydrate・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD
Synopsis: “When c*ck is ploughed deep inside me, I’m so happy…!” Yes, he’s back. Your favorite naughty drug dealing sex loving sasoiuke!

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