✨MLQC Merch GO#20✨

Hello~ I’m hosting [MLQC GO#20] for Mr. Love Queen’s Choice | Love and Producer Preorders 📺 MLQC Anime Merch 📺

» dm: @sinful-liesel (Tumblr) | @lieselGOs (Twitter) OR
» use order form

Reblogs & shares are appreciated too! ❤

A. Acrylic Keychain


B. Can Badge


C. Acrylic Stand
D. Clear File

» Sale Status: Released (Ship Date: April-Late June)
» Order Deadline: Friday, May 01.2020 (11:59 PM CST)

» Payment Method(s): Paypal (other payment methods 🆗). You’ll be responsible for transaction fees, if any.
» Payment #1: Item Price // due within 24 hours after I contact you
» Payment #2: EMS (divided by the # of participants) + shipping to you // due at the time of shipping

📆 Payment Extension Requests 🆗

» Worldwide Shipping 🌎 (Prices may vary based on location & package weight. I’m based in the US, so please note that shipping outside the US is a bit more expensive)
» Tracking Included
» Consolidated Shipping Requests 🆗

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