R18 Drama CD – Kemono ya Hito wo Kuruwasu Mangetsu no Yoru Hatsujou Triangle

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Original Title: 獣や人を狂わす満月の夜 発情トライアングル
Cast: Netoru Irakusa & Pegasus Umanami
Release Date: May 29, 2020
Label: KZentertainment
Rating: 18+

※Please do not repost, retranslate, or use my translations without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate!


You went to the woods with your college friends for a barbecue. On your way back from the restroom, you came across a small bunny and got lost after chasing after it. A big shadow appeared right before you, you looked up and saw two beast men standing there. You had entered the beast men’s restricted area without realizing it. They took you to their hut for questioning and it became night time before long. With the full moon, the beast men’s state became strange. They began looking for their medicine, apparently they had forgotten to take it…..


Anthony (CV. Netoru Irakusa)

Lepidus (CV. Pegasus Umanami)


  • DISC 1
    1. 立ち入り禁止地区
    2. 満月の夜
    3. 獣人3P
    4. 秘密の計画
  • DISC 2
    1. 脅迫
    2. 強制連行
    3. 永遠に

💌 Liesel’s Sinful Corner

Are you all excited for this one? It’s gonna be a WILD ride (literally lol) I’m actually looking fwd to it tbh! I don’t usually cross into furry territory, but there are plenty of reasons why I couldn’t overlook this title. Being fucked by not one but TWO beastmen?! Say no more lol but wait there’s more…one of the beastmen is voiced by THE Shinsen Ryoku? Fuck it, count me in!!!!

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