@lieselGOs Important Information Regarding Covid-19


Hello! I have created this thread to keep everyone updated on the latest GO info relating to COVID-19, so make sure to bookmark it~

PARTICIPANTS: Remember that you can and should check the masterlist for the latest order status & updates~ I’ll be using this post to provide updates about the orders that are related to COVID-19 only. I know many of you are worried about possible shipping delays or the future of the GOs & Splits, so I wanted to explain the situation in detail 💛

As of June 2020 all orders should progress as normal~ No major delays expected ⭐

Monday June 01, 2020


» GO#09, #10, #11, #13 & #14+ ETA: 5-9 days → ETA: by the end of the week

so close!!! Once the items arrive, I will be sorting out everyone’s items and preparing them for shipment. I will then send out emails for Payment#2. Once again, thank you everyone for your patience & stay safe~

Friday May 22, 2020


» GO#09, #10, #11, #13 & #14+ have been shipped (ETA: 5-9 days*)~

*Please note that even though the ETA is 5-9 days, delays can still occur due to current events. Thank you for your patience & stay safe~

Monday May 11, 2020


» GO#16 & #16.5 have arrived! ✔️ I’m going to be working on uploading the files and they should be ready in the next few days~

Thursday May 07, 2020


» GO#16 & #16.5 have been shipped (ETA: 5-7 days)~


» March-April releases & In-stock merch (GO#09, #10, #11 & #14+) have been shipped to the warehouse and will be shipped to me as soon as all of them arrive.

Thursday April 30, 2020


R18 GOs are progressing as usual, and there have been no major changes or delays affecting the GOs. Estimated completion time for current GOs remains the same as always.

» GO#16 & #16.5 should be shipped to the warehouse soon, if they weren’t already shipped.
» GO#17 & #17.5 will continue as normal and there are no plans to cancel them unless not enough participants show interest.

» Release Dates: No changes have been announced as far as I know.
» Shipping: EMS is my preferred shipping method, but it’s currently unavailable. It’s highly likely that I’ll have to use the next best fastest shipping alternative by the time GOs are ready to be shipped. Delivery speed should not be affected, but I’m expecting a price increase. As of now, I’m able to cover any additional funds needed for GOs: #16, #16.5, #17, & #17.5 


» Merch GOs shipping from China should progress as usual. As of now, only March & April releases were delayed, but they already started shipping them out to the warehouse. The ones releasing in later months should be okay.

» Merch GOs shipping from Japan will be released in later months, so there are no major changes or delays as of now.