Bird cage -marriage-

The first volume of the birdcage series…

» Title: Bird cage -marriage-
» CV: Atsushi Domon
» Release Date: 2020.04.24
» Label: HOBiGIRLS neige
» Type: R18 Drama CD


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There is a certain town controlled by two mafia families.

Lauro is the Don of the Cerci Famiglia.
The heroine is the beloved daughter of the Don of the Valenza Famiglia.

It was decided that a marriage would ease the tensions between the two organizations caused by events from the past. Although they were officially married, the heroine believed that it was still just a relationship formed in the best interest of both parties. However, when he touched her, Lauro’s fingers were surprisingly gentle—

“The loser has to listen to one request from the winner” was the condition you agreed on as the two of you played a game of poker.

The Don of the Cerci Famiglia that controls the town. He took over when he was in his twenties when his father Arold retired. His cleverness earned him the loyalty and trust of his subordinates, but he is aware that his youth is a weakness.

Is anyone else a sucker for these kinds of plots? lmfao Okay, but don’t be fooled by the vanilla sounding plot…it wouldn’t be in HOBiGIRLS neige if that was the case, right?! sweats nervously

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