Do you Love Me? vol.1 -Shu Hinami-

» Title: Do you Love Me? vol.1 -Shu Hinami-
» CV: Kakeru Yunomachi
» Release Date: 2020.03.27
» Label: HOBiGIRLS fleur
» Type: R18 Drama CD


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You ran into Shu, your junior and friend from your part-time job during your school days. Not wanting to let the opportunity go to waste, he invited you out to eat and you also drank alcohol. You ended up telling him that your boyfriend broke up with you because you were a virgin. “Then I’ll make things easier for you,” he said and you ended having sex with him. After that, Shu invited you out on many occasions, and you eventually fell for him. Your relationship continued to be that of just “friends” until one day he suggested moving in together…… “I like you, that’s why I want to bully you.” His way of expressing his love was by toying with you by doings things like verbally humiliating you, teasing you, and provoking you during you sex. The outcome of your ambiguous relationship with Shu and his misleading true feelings was–

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