Madness Fiasco

68045_158513364090739900-tile » Title: Madness Fiasco » Label: Primrose » Type: R18 Drama CD » Release Dates:
  • 2020.05.29 Madness Fiasco case.1 Kyrill (CV. Chasuke)
  • 2020.06.26 Madness Fiasco case.2 Wan Haoren (CV. Atsushi Domon)
  • 2020.07.22 Madness Fiasco case.3 Fer (CV. Manaka Sawa)
  • 2020.08.?? Madness Fiasco case.4 Luca (CV. Noboru Tetrapod)
Falling in love with you was the worst mistake of my life… Lizzie Island is a luxury resort overlooking the blue sea. It has a mafia facility located underground called “Amanohara.” You were living a normal life in Japan until one day, you were kidnapped because of the “information only you possess.” The 4 mafias residing in Lizzie Island were trying to buy you from the black auction because they wanted to get their hands on that “information.” However, there was an explosion in the midst of the auction and you were saved by… ⁎⁎⁎ ⁎⁎⁎ ⁎⁎⁎ ⁎⁎⁎ ⁎⁎⁎ ⁎⁎⁎ ⁎⁎⁎  ⁎⁎⁎ 💌 Liesel’s Sinful Corner 💌 I’ve had my eye on this series since it was announced~ I’m expecting a lot of crazy/kinky shit so pls pls pls don’t disappoint lmfao
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