Kaketa Tsuki ga Michiru made

» Title: 欠けた月が満ちるまで
» CV: Masato Kawamura
» Release Date: 2020.05.29
» Label: HOBiGIRLS neige
» Type: R18 Drama CD

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You’re a part-timer at a convenience store. One day, a man named Iori came by the store and left because the store accepts cash payments only. You chased after him and got to know him. It seemed like Iori missed his bus stop and had to get down in the nearest one. However, it was because Iori likes instant noodles and has a side to him that makes him seem like your average person. Little by little you fell for him――

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

Hmmm…something’s not quite right here lol The synopsis and illustration don’t give off the same atmosphere lol  He’s going to have some dark secret or something, right?! you can’t fool me~

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