Yubisaki kara Honki no Netsujou

» Title: 指先から本気の熱情-幼なじみは消防士-
» CV: Tengu Margarine
» Release Date: 2020.05.27
» Label: Comic Festa Voice TL
» Type: R18 Drama CD


You are an office lady and your childhood friend is Souma Mizuno, a firefighter that enjoys mixers. Falling for such a flirty man was out of the question. However, one day, the apartment building you lived in burned down and you ended up living with him. You tried to keep your distance, but ended up approaching him when you saw the injury he sustained while he rescued you from the fire. 

“It’s your fault for coming here, you got me riled up.”

You found yourself embraced in his firm and strong arms. You didn’t want to be held by a flirty man, but his thick fingers stirred up something inside you and you couldn’t refuse his sudden passionate gaze any longer.

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