R18 Doujin CDs: May 2020

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This list includes my personal picks for this month, and I’ll continue updating it throughout the month!

The Princess of a Small Nation is in No Position to Turn Down H (Wedding) Proposals

Circle: Forbidden fruit・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: As the the princess of a poor and downtrodden nation, hope for your country rests on you marrying the right prince! At the masquerade ball, two princes vie for your affections. One is more of a pushover, and the other a bit too pushy… “How pitiful. If you’re thinking of your kingdom, you can’t go against my wishes. Just thinking of it makes me hot.” Who will you end up with? And will it be a fairy-tale ending?

binaural – lewd vampire

Circle: Evangelist ASMR・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: He’s a vampire who lives in the modern day, but he’s able to live without attacking humans. However, the blood of young women is still his favorite… On a particularly peckish day, he noticed he was low on blood sausage and decided to go to the store. On the way, though, he collapses… You notice that someone’s passed out on the ground and decide to help…

Clit-Licking Salon ~My Personal Licker~

Circle: Under Rain・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your life and your work aren’t going so well, so you decide to go visit the spa. Your therapist Misaki has magic fingers, and he notices just how good he’s making you feel. So he tells you about the spa’s “secret menu”… and it turns out he’s one of the spa’s best clit-lickers!

Male/Female Game ~Flesh + Desire – Love = Pleasure~

Circle: Dreamin’&Dreamy・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Fluids: 200%! Maximum force! Throw love away and drown in pleasure… want to play the game of men and women? You’ve just about given up on love. But your body still has needs, and so you start looking for some female-oriented brothels. But those places all had rules about time and pricing… You were looking for no rules, just pure, physical passion. And an ad at the bottom of the site promises the answer…

Ability120% (CV. Manaka Sawa )

Circle: Dusk・Type: R18 Doujin CD


Synopsis: You’re a student at Yamana Private Academy. After a tough break up, you find comfort in one of your club juniors, Ao Shimizu. Though you swore to never love again, after a year, you decide to accept Ao’s date invitation. You want to show your appreciation for all he’s done for you. However, that small decision would lead to a very dramatic series of events, that none other than Ao could have predicted.


Reverse Love Vol.3 ~Childhood Friend and I~

Circle: Lime unjour・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: “The roles are reversed now… sorry, but I’ve wanted to do you for a long time”. The series of teasing, and being teased, Reverse Love volume 3!

Wrong Love – Sexually Educated by Your Uncle

Circle: seiseisei・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’re seeing your uncle for the first time in awhile… and he’s got lots to teach you.

HIdden in the Woods ~ The Dark Side of Reality Shows ~ (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

Circle: geometric rose・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You and Rinnosuke got matched up on a romantic reality show, and everyone’s been talking about what an amazing, pure couple you are. And the show’s getting a sequel! But Rinnosuke has another face. One that only you’ve seen. With production underway, he sneaks into your room and has his very forceful way with you. And as the filming continues, his nighttime intrusions get even more aggressive…

Lewd Hypnotist (CV. Yuusei Nogi)

Circle: HituzinoHitugi・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You want an experience different from daily life, so you visit the hypnotist “Hypnose”. From the menu you select….“masturbation”. And so, you forget about reality, and drift off to the dream world…

Deranged Boyfriend ~Kazuma Hasebe~

Circle: redsheep pavilion・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You kind boyfriend starts making embarrassing demands of you…his strong love for you becomes warped. “If you love me, you won’t mind, right?”

Rental Sex (Boy)Friend ~Owner Edition~ (CV. aki)

Circle: Flame・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’ve got a tragic past, and can only get turned on forced sex. One impulsive call to a rental boyfriend agency later…

Meikyuu BAD END ep2 (Voice Drama) (CV. Ataru Nikaisen, Remon Hachimitsu, ???)

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: The voice drama version of the popular PINK BAT comic “Meikyuu BAD END ep2 ”! Rayne gets r*ped for his sins of the past. What are the conclusion and the truth of this revenge tragedy in a labyrinth?

Meikyuu BAD END ep1 (Voice Drama)

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Rua and company challenge a mysterious labyrinth in search of treasure. But along the way, they lose the prostitute they brought to satisfy their urges. Filled with the unbearable need to fuck after their many adrenaline-filled battles, they turn their attentions on Rua…

Noble Princess Knight Pleasure Corrupted ~Slave Climax in Public~

Circle: Fallen Maiden Inferno・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: A captured princess is loved by a villain, and her pure body is tainted to evil. Welcome to the world of evil corruption.


Circle: NIGHT AQUARISE・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: “Detective, do you know how dirty you are?” A thriller about a detective and the serial killer Garnet. Can you make the arrest on Garnet, and bring him in…?

Sakura no Kotowari Triangle Story ~Touma Kozuki~

Circle: Dreamcatchers・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: I want to make a family with you, and live happily ever after. I want to live a different life than my real parents, and move forward together with you.

Sakura no Kotowari Triangle Story ~ Daiki Haruyama

Circle: Dreamcatchers・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: The promise I made you… to give you something special… can I make good on it right now…?

This is the Advancement Club!

Circle: Helado Voice・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: A club exists to help out students who have worries in their daily life. But if you bring a certain thing, they’ll solve your sexual frustration as well…!?

Tokito-san Is a Vet!

Circle: Sacrifice・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Tokito-san is a vet who helps you care for an injured sparrow. However, it turns out the man who is kind to everyone all the time has a secret side to him…

DARKNESSHOUND [Comic + Voice Drama Set] (CV. Takezou Koike, Ataru Nikaisen)

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: After suffering terrible burns Lozzo deserted the army, and was since hunted for treason. A hit man known as the Darkness Hound caught up to him, but Lozzo was quicker, managing to capture the Hound. He had no intention of harming his would-be assassin, but couldn’t very well let him go. So Lozzo set about changing the Hound’s mind. The Hound was fearless, but terror was not the goal. Lozzo was aiming to take his pride… He knew what lurked in the heart of Darkness: a masochist, yearning to be buttf*cked…

DARKNESSHOUND 2 [Comic + Voice Drama Set] (CV. Takezou Koike, Ataru Nikaisen)

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: A set containing a voice drama adaptation of inumiso’s popular comic “DARKNESSHOUND 2”, plus the comic itself, and a free talk!

Submissive Sensei ~Sexually Serving The 16-Strong Swim Squad

My Neighbor is a Loner Incubus

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: In this audio work, the heroine gets aggressive with a weak loner incubus who lives next door.

[Full Ad-lib] A Welcome Home Starts with Sex

Circle: Paralyze・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: A story about the warmth of past promises remembered.

close your eyes-Keito-

Circle: Otusun Club・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: If I have love, that’s all I need, madam.


Circle: suzukazehouse・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Erotic audio is a variety of situations!

Usagi Virus Report Vol. 02: Jin Azumi  (CV. Tomoya Kanzaki)

Circle: Dreamin’&Dreamy・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: The usagi virus is a virus created by the government to counter the falling birthrate. All men ages 20~50 are injected with this virus, but only 1 in 1,000,000 are symptomatic. It makes them spoiled, timid, and weaker…

I’m a high-powered businessman at an IT company. I grew up poor, lost my parents, and everyone leaves me. Everyone except one woman, my secretary…

Pseudo Romance ~The **** After the Confession is the Best~ (CV. Isakichi)

Circle: Ninomae Honpo・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’ve been living a sterile married life with an older man you you met via arrangement. He’s always busy with work, whilst all your friends around you are still enjoying their single life. Finally, on the night of your anniversary, your husband has to leave on a sudden business trip Invited by your friend to an impromptu mixer, you end up drunk, and end up in “his” care. While feeling a sense of guilt, you lose yourself to his kindness and the wild atmosphere…

Traumatized Boyfriend Shinta Hanai

Circle: Frizzclip・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Believe, doubt, believe, love… this is the story of you and your boyfriend’s restrictive relationship…

Frayed Bonds – If There is a God…

Circle: seiseisei・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: My beloved childhood friend is marrying my best friend… please, god, if you’re out there, let our love blossom…

You Laugh Lewdly, You Lose – All I Want

Circle: DragonPeach・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Lovey sex with a love doll android from the future! Tons of adult goods from the future come crashing out from his fly. Experience dream-like futuristic sex with a forceful but kind guy!

[Real Sound Series] I will violate your everything ever so deeply

Circle: Paralyze・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: First release of the real sound series! Bringing to you realistic SFX of sex and healing and everything in between. Let us melt your brain through your ears.

Rewarding Ecchi 3 ~Sorry I can’t hold back anymore~ CV: Ryoichi Katagiri

Circle: In-Mitsu-Dou Publishing・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your kind boyfriend is there to soothe you after your hard day at the office. .And after a lot of kissing, he can’t hold back anymore…

Illusion – Devoured in the Abyss

Circle: Destruction・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: In this audio work, you’re an office worker who finds her daily stresses washed away in your dreams. There, a beautiful man is waiting to make sweet love to you. Just who is he? When you peer into the abyss, the abyss peers back at you.

Told a Cute Pick-up Artist “Just Once”, But Once We Hopped in Bed…

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: After a big fight and subsequent break-up with your boyfriend, you get picked up but a cute guy, and things progress quickly from there…

Beastly Molester Play ~My Gentle Boss’ Hidden Fetish~

ircle: white rabbit・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: A normal day of normal sex… Your mild-mannered boss is also your boyfriend, and he’s kind enough to take a gentle lead when you’re together. But one night on the way home from work,. the two of you are squished together on the train, and you feel something strange. And then he whispers in your ear from behind… “I’ve always wanted to molest you on the train like this…”

Tentacles / Virgin / Double Uke (CV:AKITO, Ataru Nikaisen)

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis:  After the protagonist falls asleep while playing a game, he wakes up to find himself captured by a mysterious creature, which then tentacle r*pes him.

Close Contact Continuous Cumming – Yuuma Sakakibara

ircle: Wanko in・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Sex so close you can hear him breathe….

Depravity ~Tricked by the Masseuse~

Circle: redsheep pavilion・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: The transition from daily life to depravity is so fast and simple… you came to receive a comfy massage, but the masseuse’s hands start to act strangely…

Yuru Yuru Bitch Ana Danshi (Voice Drama Version)

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: The voice drama version of the popular comic “Yuru Yuru Bitch Ana Danshi”! The story of two men fitting inside one guy!

Piggy Maid Wants to Become the Sadistic (?) Master’s Cumdump

Circle: Bella・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’re a maid in Master Theodore’s mansion. Theodore is a handsome man with beautiful blonde locks, and gleaming green yes. However, he is a strict and punishing master. When your shaky hands drop a delicate tea set, Theodore decides to exact payment by having his way with your most delicate parts…

Real: He is Your Therapist – A Braingasm to Solve Your Sexual Insensitive

Circle: Destruction・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: This is a sound on the border of fiction and reality. Your boyfriend reserves a therapy room to help you overcome your sexual insensitivity. But you are blissfully unaware of what awaited you there, and the nature of the young therapist…

Moe Kyun ~A Spoonful of Lovin~

Circle: StrawberryChouchou・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your boyfriend gave up his dream of being a hero, but you can grant some other dreams…

His Honeyed Heart for You

Circle: white mist・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’re at a drinking party with your co-workers, and it seems like you’re going to have to drink a LOT. But your boss steps in and drinks your share, saving you from some definite embarrassment. Afterwards you go to thank him, but find him just as drunk as you’d expect… so you bring him to a business hotel. You were going to put him to bed and leave, but it turns out he thinks he’s dreaming. And he wants to thank you for helping him out…

A Loving Hand to a Chuunibyou Guy ~2nd Stage~

Circle: Dreamin’&Dreamy・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: In secret, you’ve always had a thing for the boy sitting next to you in class. In fact, the reason you attend school is to see him. One day, he doesn’t return to class after lunch, and you help search for him along with his homeroom teacher. When you finally find him, it seems he’s deep inside an online game, and will only go back with you if you join him for a bit…

Let’s-Moan-Together Guy

Circle: Hysteric mania・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’re body’s been aching recently… You’ve got no boyfriend, no friend with benefits, no prospects for one night stands…. You decided to put your money to use solving this problem. Searching online brought up all sorts of places with complicated systems, and actually going to one seemed a bit scary. But you found a guy named Manato who was working on his own. Let’s go with him!

Cuddling With My Boyfriend (Dual Roles)

Circle: kirinyan・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Popular voice actor Kirinyan’s newest work sees him taking on two different roles at once!

Ojisama Boss and You ~ A Secret Time at Work ~

Circle: Gentle Glasses・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You and your boss are dating, but it’s a secret from the rest of the office… Choose from one of two princely bosses to date! Which do you prefer?

Kind Binds Turn to Pleasure ~When His Voice Changed~

Circle: Paralyze・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: An ad-libbed sex audio situation about your boyfriend coming home to find that you have bound yourself. Upon discovering this, he starts to tease you, then goes a little further…

Secret Hanami Sex With Yoru-kun

Circle: Oneside Edge・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Mischievous teasing from Yoru-kun under the cherry blossoms.

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