[Translation] Blackstar Theater Starless “Kouya nite” Lyrics


For some reason, I went from watching Monsta X’s Fantasia X album preview to wanting to listen to & translate some of Team P’s songs lol I already said this in another post, but some of the songs from Fantasia X sound like songs that Team P would sing 😍😍😍 (at least based on the preview lol) 


Okay, but does bsts only have sad songs or am I just a sucker for those??? haha Sad or not, it doesn’t change the fact that this song is very beautiful. I’ve always had a love and hate relationship with Maica because of their personality, but I can admit that I love their singing voice (haha)

※Please DO NOT repost, retranslate, or use my translations in any way without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate.



  • Title: Kouya nite
  • Original Title: 荒野にて
  • Artist: Maica (Singer: Kradness)
  • Game: Blackstar Theater Starless
  • Event: Season 2, Chapter 4
  • Team/Cast Members: Team P / Rindou, Maica, Menou, Sinju, Yakou
  • Original Work:


(Game Version)

In this vast, but deserted wasteland 
Devotion is gone, it was never meant to last long
The things we said have also withered away now
I was looking at a growing darkness 

There are no angels
in a sky that is too dark and cloudy
No matter how many times
I call out to you,
even if I shout until I break,
you won’t ever answer me back

I remain standing all alone
desperately searching for any traces of you
I had a feeling that I heard your gentle voice, but when I turned around
I only felt the wind blowing through me

We were torn apart by a cruel twist of fate
We can never go back again
Happiness is in the dark, yet my heart
belongs to you even now


One thought on “[Translation] Blackstar Theater Starless “Kouya nite” Lyrics”

  1. Hello. I hope you have been well.

    Thank you very much for the translation!! I was just about to look for it today!!! I really love Team P’s songs. I am really grateful to you.

    Take care.

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